Carpet maintenance

When you buy a carpet from De Munk Carpets, you know that you are buying a quality product. But how can you make sure that you will be able to keep enjoying that special carpet for as long as possible? Carpets need care. That is why we have provided some tips below.

You can vacuum a carpet right from the moment it is laid down. Do not use a robot vacuum. Instead use a normal vacuum cleaner with a smooth nozzle.

Do not use the maximum suction setting on your vacuum cleaner. New carpets may give off some fluff at first, but this will reduce after a few months.

You should regularly beat deep pile carpets to remove sand and dirt. This is because sand and dirt can chafe the fibres of your carpet.

Carpets are nice and soft. You can best enjoy this if you walk on the carpet with bare feet or socks. Of course, you can also walk on your carpet in footwear. However, try to avoid walking on your carpet with shoes or slippers with black or rubber soles. Black soles can rub off on your carpet, and leave grey marks behind. Rubber soles can damage the fibres of your carpet if you always walk or sit in the same place.

Accidents can always happen. Fortunately, stains are no reason to go into panic mode. It is important however that you act quickly and do not allow the stain to become absorbed by your carpet. If you can gradually remove the liquid with a spoon, do that right away. Then dab the stain with a hand towel or kitchen paper. Be careful not to rub in the stain, always dab it.

You can usually deal with stains using lukewarm water and a drop of vinegar. You can’t do this with all fibres, so pay attention. Make sure you do not use aggressive cleaning products. Every stain is different and so you should deal with each one in a different way. A good method of dealing with a stain will always depend on the material that your carpet is made from. Almost all of our quality carpets are tested by James in Venlo. For the latest details about dealing with stains, please visit

Rotating and turning
To avoid your carpet becoming worn on one side, it’s best to rotate it by 180 degrees every six months. For hand-woven carpets that can be used on both sides, we recommend that you turn them over once a year. Do this so that the underneath is on the top and vice-versa. Turning your carpet over and rotating it means that it gets used evenly and this will extend the lifespan of your carpet.

Dangling threads
Never pull dangling threads from your carpet. Instead, cut them with a sharp pair of scissors. If you are unsure about what to do, take a clear photo and send it to the company from where you bought the carpet.

Always place an anti-slip underlay beneath your carpet. In this way, your carpet will sit upright and will retain its appearance and shape for longer.